BTC-20 tokens have reached a capitalization of $ 650 million

BRC-20 tokens are coins that were based on Bitcoin. At the moment, their capitalization has reached about 650 million dollars. The leader among the coins was ORDI– a meme token with a capitalization of more than $ 400 million.

Details about this

These are not the maximum capitalization values. The figure has already reached one billion for all BRC-20 tokens and 600 million for the ORDI coin.

Now trading in BRC-20 coins reaches $200 million per day. Of this volume, 97% is the ORDI token. A month ago, the digital asset was worth $ 0.1. However, now the cost exceeds $ 19.3. The price has increased 192 times compared to the original exchange rate. Note that on the BKEX exchanges and Gate.io the coin has already been listed.

Note that most of the BRC-20 coins are meme tokens. They were created with the help of the sensational Ordinals crypto project. In addition to ORDI, coins such as PEPE, MEME, etc. have become leaders in capitalization. However, in comparison with the leader, their capitalization is ten times lower.

Due to the hype around meme coins, the commission in the bitcoin crypto network has increased significantly. It reached the summer figure of 2021, when the fee was about $ 7.

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