SEC has launched a "crusade" against the cryptocurrency industry – head of Coinbase

The US Congress, together with other federal authorities, came to a common opinion on the establishment of certain and understandable rules for the cryptocurrency industry. However, the SEC has the opposite approach. This was stated by the SEO of the Coinbase crypto exchange.

Details about this

Armstrong gave an interview to CNBC. In it, he pointed out that the SEC is different from the rest of the US federal agencies. The department decided to carry out the crusade alone. Armstrong added that for some reason the head is unfriendly to cryptocurrencies.

SEO Coinbase believes that the current fight with the agency may help eliminate the lack of understanding about the legality or nuances of activities with cryptocurrency.  In his opinion, the head of the department is trying not to introduce regulation of the industry, but to limit it as much as possible. He launched legal proceedings, because of which the exchange will be able to achieve legislative clarity. Armstrong explained that this would probably help the industry.

Recall that since March, the regulator has started investigating the listing on the site. In April, the exchange filed a counterclaim, demanding specific clarity in the regulation of the cryptocurrency industry.

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