Mining centers are being built in Abu Dhabi

Marathon is engaged in mining cryptocurrency assets. Recently, its representatives announced the conclusion of a partnership with the organization Zero Two. This will allow you to build a large mining farm in Abu Dhabi.

Details about this

Representatives of the company stated that they are creating a joint organization. She will be responsible for the construction of two farms designed for the installation of devices. The total capacity is planned to be 250 MW.

Moreover, the farms will be installed in two different places. The first one is being built with a capacity of 200 MW in the Masdar City ecological zone. The second one is going to be located in the port area of Mina Zayed.

Shares in the organization are established between partners. The ratio is 80/20 Zero Two and Marathon. It is planned to invest about $ 406 million in the crypto project this year.

The extracted cryptocurrencies will be distributed according to the established shares. The calculation is planned to be carried out twice a month.

Earlier, the companies launched a pilot program. It is designed to test the efficiency of mining in the region. According to the representative, Marathon has developed special ASICs with immersion technology for cooling.

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