Binance launches a service for VIP traders

One of the largest crypto exchanges Binance launches a new platform – Capital Connect. It will simplify the interaction between VIP clients and investment funds.

Learn more about the new service

The platform is made with nine premium account statuses. It will be assigned by clients whose monthly trading volume exceeds one million dollars. Also, the account must have more than 25 BNB.

The service will be provided free of charge to all VIP users of the crypto exchange. However, regional restrictions will also be taken into account. Customers must submit a request for access to the site. They can act as an investor or manager. Additionally, you will have to pass account verification.

The blog of the crypto exchange indicates that clients and funds are constantly faced with a lack of efficiency. The reason for this is problems with industry standards. The service will help you create rules for publishing data for users who have different needs for crypto investment.

Now about 20 fund managers have decided to connect to the service. Their number will increase. At the same time, the exchange warned that it does not give any guarantees, and the service is purely informational.

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