CleanSpark has published an income statement and told about its plans before halving

CleanSpark is a mining company in the USA. In the second quarter of this year, it was able to double BTC production compared to last year's figure.

Mining Details

According to the published report, the company was able to increase profits by only 14%, reaching more than $ 42 million. The company's director explained this with reduced quotes at that time.

The general manager also noted that due to the increase in mining power, excellent opportunities appear with a minimal increase in the bitcoin exchange rate.

The SEO company stated that it is important to increase the hashrate before halving. After all, the reward for mining the block will decrease to 3,125 bitcoins. He noted that the procedure is planned for April next year.

Now the consumption of the company's equipment is about 31 W/TH. at the end of 2023, the indicator is expected to decrease to 6 W/TH.

Recall that last month, representatives of the company announced that they were going to purchase 45 thousand ASICs from Antminer S19XP series. The purchase amount will be almost $ 145 million. In February, 20 thousand ASICs S19j PRO+ were already purchased. The equipment is going to be connected to data centers located in Georgia this year. Thanks to this, the company will be able to reach 15.9 EH/s.

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