There was a transaction termination failure in the Ethereum crypto network

An incomprehensible error was discovered in the Ethereum cryptocurrency network. As a result, operations were not finalized for some time.

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Beaconcha.in he published data indicating that there was a strong decline in confirmed transactions between the epochs 200552 and 200554. The indicator reached 40% of the total volume.

According to research by analysts at EthereumPools, during this period, every validator that analysts tracked went offline. In other words, he was incorrectly confirming the transaction.

Later, one of the founders of Prysmatic Labs, which was an Ethereum developer company, announced that the finalisation was fully restored. However, the specialist noted that while the cause remains unknown. However, experts are monitoring the problem in the main crypto network. An update is planned to be published later when everything is clarified.

Recall that by launching crvUSD in the Ethereum mainnet, the team warned that it was necessary to re-deploy the smart contract, as there was an error with the voting coin.

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