Norilsk Nickel launches the issue of its coins as a reward for employees

Digital Assets has issued electronic coins for Norilsk Nickel members who are connected to the corporate program. This news was reported in the representative office of the company.

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Every employee who has worked in the company for more than a year at the beginning of this year will have the opportunity to buy minetoken coins. They will be linked to the company's stock price.

The first members of the program have already submitted applications to receive digital financial assets. At the same time, the number of coins that can be obtained depends on the employee's work experience.

Tokens provide an opportunity to receive dividends paid by the company. After a year of these coins, they can be sold. This will become available on Atomyze. It will also be possible to purchase digital coins.

The launch of the program will give the company's employees an opportunity to get acquainted with the digital asset. In the future, they will be able to receive additional profit from them.

It should be noted that in February last year Atomyze was the first to receive a license from the Central Bank to issue digital assets.

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