Arbitrum has published a plan for how coins will be distributed among token holders

The crypto community of the L2 network Arbitrum has made a proposal to distribute the share of the accumulated profit of the DAO among the owners of tokens of the management of the crypto network. This was posted on Twitter.

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Recently, the developers of the crypto network announced that they were able to accumulate more than 3.35 thousand ETH. The profit is obtained due to commission fees, both standard and excessive.

Representatives of the crypto network noted that the Arbitrum is the only roll-up engaged in sending all the excess profits that are received through commissions to the DAO.

To realize their idea, the team will create a special mechanism for distribution. At the same time, the smart contract will be repeatedly launched in the future.

Recall that a month ago, the crypto community submitted a number of claims from participants. This is due to the fact that the company was going to control 750 million tokens and allocate grants from them for the development of the ecosystem.

At the same time, there was an initiation of coin distribution in the DAO. Over 110 million coins were spent. This amounted to over 1.1% of the total supply on the market.

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