Over $46 million was poured into the PEPE meme token on exchanges.

The developers of 0xScore were able to fix the infusion of 3 trillion. PEPE meme coins. Their cost was over 46 million dollars. The infusion was on centralized exchanges over the past day. This was announced by the team on Twitter.

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According to analysts, this amount includes almost $ 23 million of deposits. They were sent from almost 1200 crypto addresses.

Most of the amount is on the Binance exchange. Approximately 67 trillion coins are blocked here. In total, about 28% of all issued tokens are deposited on CEX exchanges, while less than 0.01% is on DEX.

Purchases and sales of tokens are approximately equivalent. At the same time, deposits continue to lead over withdrawals. As a percentage, this is 61%/38%, respectively.

Note that over the past week, the exchange rate has started to fall. On May 5, a listing was held on major crypto exchanges. After that, the meme coin began to fall. The collapse occurred by 40%.

Recall that last month the coin showed a sharp increase, increasing in price many times. Thanks to this, some holders were able to earn millions.

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