They want to transfer the crypto market to the tax service

As a regulator of the bitcoin market, they want to make the Federal Tax Service. This information was reported by the deputy head of the Ministry of Finance in an interview with Izvestia Alexey Moiseev.

What is known about this

According to Alexey, the bill to appoint a regulator is currently being considered in the State Duma.

He stated that the issue is under discussion. According to the created concept, the regulator will be engaged in receiving declarations from people about their crypto wallets and ongoing operations. To date, foreign accounts are controlled by the Federal Tax Service. Therefore, it is logical if the tax service will be the regulator.

He also drew attention to the fact that according to the key principle of regulation, people and companies will be able to mine cryptocurrencies and sell them on foreign platforms. However, it is prohibited to use digital assets to pay for goods sold within the country. Experimental legal regimes are an exception.

At the same time, data on operations will be sent to 3 departments at once. In addition to the tax, they will go to the Central Bank and Rosfinmonitoring. At the same time, operations that will be performed with a crypto wallet will need to be declared and taxes paid on them.

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