Glassnode: Bitcoin owners with 1 token have become more than a million

Glassnode specialists have calculated the number of bitcoin wallets that store at least 1 BTC. According to their data, the number has become more than a million.

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The largest increase in the owners of the first cryptocurrency was in the summer of 2022. Then bitcoin dropped in price a lot. The reason for this was the collapse of the Terra project and the subsequent insolvency of ZAS. Then the increase was after November 12. Recall that then there was the collapse of a large American stock exchange FTX.

Since 2022, the total number of crypto wallets from 1 BTC and more has increased by 190 thousand. Co-founder Glassnod made a forecast that bitcoin will only grow.

He also expressed confidence that in the medium term the value of the coin will be around 35 thousand dollars, as soon as external pressure is eased. The Fed is going to suspend rates in the summer. This will allow the token to rise in price during this period. At the same time, the USD index has passed the moving average from top to bottom, so sharp events are expected.

Note that the ex-Goldman Sachs manager made a statement. In his opinion, tokens and altcoins will be able to outperform other assets due to the banking crisis.

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