OpenAL Raises $100 Million in the Worldcoin Crypto Project

Sam Altman, who is the SEO of the OpenAL IT organization, began negotiations to receive a $100 million infusion of funds. They are needed for the Worldcoin crypto project. This information was published by the Financial Times with reference to its sources.

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According to the publication, possible investors will be venture capital organizations that were engaged in financing the crypto project.

Two years ago, when there was a $25 million investment round, large organizations such as Coinbase Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, etc. invested in the crypto project.

According to insiders, in 2022 the project was able to sell coins worth $ 100 million. Along with this, the total stock of the company is about $ 3 billion. Along with this, a bear market and the bankruptcy of large organizations could cause a deterioration in the financial condition of the project.

The source also drew attention to the fact that despite the crypto-winter, the crypto project was able to get a huge amount of infusions of funds.

Note that the key product of Worldcoin is the World ID algorithm. It is based on a zero-disclosure proof. Thanks to this, users can verify their account using biometric data. At the same time, you will not have to disclose anonymity and confidentiality.

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