More than 15 million were stolen from HitBTC users

The attackers were able to steal over $ 15 million in various cryptocurrencies. To do this, they used a fake HitBTC website. This was reported by SlowMist specialists.

More about what happened

SlowMist specialists were able to discover the methods used by the phishing site to steal cryptocurrency from ordinary crypto holders.

The first method is to approve the wallet when connecting. Then scammers can get unlimited access to USDT dollar stablecoins.

The second method involves making a deposit. At the same time, the website provides the address of the cryptomachers. It accepts only three cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, Ethereum and tron.

The third way is to use the digital signature field, which occurs automatically. As soon as the user confirms the actions, he immediately loses absolutely all his assets in Ethereum.

This method has also been actively used by unknown scammers before. Then a phishing advertising company was launched for large cryptocurrency projects such as Lido, DeFi Llami and others on Google. Thanks to this, they were able to steal more than $ 4 million.

Note that in the fall of last year, SEO Binance warned that the service promotes fraudulent sites.

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