CashTokens is activated in Bitcoin Cash

The Bitcoin Cash development team has launched the CashTokens update. It makes it possible to issue cryptocurrencies within the network.

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Users will be given the opportunity to create tokens. They can be made both interchangeable and as NFT. Additionally, you can create DeFi applications based on Bitcoin Cache. In addition, the update will increase the security and anonymity of the protocol.

CashTokens is an integrated additional functionality in the crypto network. Wallets that support the token will be able to use unique crypto addresses or request data. This will help in the possibility of acquiring the created coins. Thanks to this, the participants of the crypto network will not need to think about compatibility during sending.

It is also worth noting that the update has reduced the size of transactions. This will speed up data transfer. Additionally, the operation of smart contacts will be improved. They will help to introduce the ability to perform repetitive operations, work with derivatives, etc.

This update received support from the Binance exchange. For some time, the platform stopped the withdrawal of BCH tokens. It will be resumed after the update is fully successful. At the same time, the exchange has given guarantees that it will comply with the technical requirements of the token. As a result, the coin has risen 2.7% in the last 24 hours.

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