Results of yesterday's vote in Lido

Earlier we reported that a vote on the deployment of the v2 protocol in the network has begun in the Lido. It was successful and the ETH withdrawal became open.

Learn more about the results

The vote was 100% successful. The team was given full support in this matter. The protocol update is aimed at:

1. Withdrawal from Ethereum staking. At the same time, stETH was burned in a ratio of 1 to 1.

2. Start of The Betting Router. It will make validators more diverse and help to further decentralize the network.

The update also made other changes. Oracle smart contracts have been modified. The changes also affected the background offchaine software. They will help support the two main functions of the network.

The Lido v2 protocol underwent several security audits at once. Such specialists as MixBytes, Sigma Prime and others participated in their conduct.

According to the developers, the update made the protocol as convenient and functional as possible. This opens up new avenues for experimentation and general work.

According to the Dune Analytics dashboard, there are currently more than 20 million ETH coins in the stake. Of these, the share of the Lido reaches more than 30%.

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