According to the SEC, the claim from Coinbase is not justified

The SEC finally gave a reaction to the Coinbase crypto exchange lawsuit. It indicated that it should not develop a new set of rules. At the same time, in his opinion, the exchange has no right to sue the agency.

More about the confrontation

The appeal states that there is nowhere a requirement for the SEC to develop a new set of rules regarding cryptocurrencies, which are requested by the Coinbase exchange.

Recall that the cryptocurrency exchange sent a complaint to the court, where it demanded that the SEC department respond to the petition, which was created last summer. In it, the crypto exchange asked for clarification of the rules governing the cryptocurrency industry.

The exchange started this confrontation because of the investigations conducted by the SEC regarding listing procedures and its products. It also touched on the staking on the site.

The agency stated that the claim of the crypto exchange is not justified. At the same time, they noted that it is possible to introduce new rules for cryptocurrency assets. Also, representatives of the SEC noted that they do not disown the petition. In addition, in their opinion, it can become the basis for drawing up rules that will satisfy the cryptocurrency market.

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