There are more transactions in Dogecoin than in Bitcoin

Meme cryptocurrency has become so popular that the number of transactions in the blockchain has reached a historical maximum. The indicator is 628209 operations.

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According to the crypto community, this dynamic began to appear due to the activity of the DRC-20 standard. Thanks to him, it became possible to create new cryptocurrencies on top of the blockchain.

Mishaboar on Twitter drew attention to the fact that Patric Lodder, who is the main developer of the cryptocurrency, made a forecast about this in a few days. At that time, the growth of transactions was noticeable, but it has not yet been able to reach record values.

Crypto enthusiast Martin Stauber argued on Twitter that the reason for the dispute was the hype around DRC-20. In his opinion, the traffic comes from several large crypto addresses. They carried out small transactions. He pointed out that over 5.7 thousand transactions were sent from one such wallet over the past three days.

Now there is a strong activity in the crypto network. For example, on May 11, over 13 million coins worth almost $1 million were moved to several separate crypto addresses. At the same time, about $0.26 was spent on the commission.

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