Binance Controls the WRX Coin – WazirX Statement

The Binance crypto exchange was able to get all the profit, namely about two million dollars, as a result of the sale of the WRX coin. At the moment, it controls wallets with coin issuance. This was reported by the Indian exchange WazirX.

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The team of the Indian crypto exchange reported that they themselves could not receive tokens during the distribution. According to the statement, the Binance can manage about 580.8 million coins. And not only unblocked, but also those that are frozen.

Binance was able to transfer the unlocked tokens to the treasury account after completing only 4 transactions. The amount was almost $117 million. At the same time, there was a drawdown of the price every time.

The exchange also controls the issue of coins according to the schedule. Every quarter, it conducts token burning. The last time the procedure was carried out was in March last year.

WazirX noted that they hope for explanations of these points so that there is no confusion with the management of WRX tokens.

Note that in the fall of 2019, Binance announced that it was going to buy the Indian stock exchange. However, when the Ministry of Finance of the country suspected her of money laundering last year, the global platform immediately denied the connection of the exchanges.  At the same time, the co-founder of WazirX stated that everything that made up the exchange was sold to Binance. Therefore, the Chinese company fully controls it.

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