Uniswap proposes to implement L2-Base technology from the Coinbase crypto exchange

The Uniswap crypto community has made a proposal to deploy the v3 Base protocol. The latter is a level II crypto network used by the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange.

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Participants of the crypto community under the nicknames she256, Michigan Blockchain, GFX Labs raised this topic for further decision-making. They act as members of the DAO. If the proposals are approved, then GFX Labs will deal with the technical nuances.

The main developer will be the team of the crypto network Optimism. Uniswap is planning to cooperate with OP Labs.

At the beginning of the year, the crypto exchange launched a test crypto network Base. It is based on OP Stack technology. At the same time, the team members noted that despite the fact that a new platform is being created, a token for it will not be made separately.

The crypto community believes that the L2 level will give an increase in the total volume of blocked coins. It will also increase scalability and increase the capabilities of creators.

The proposal will be considered during the week. Then they will check the "temperature" of the crypto community. After the launch of Baase in the main crypto network, an official vote will be held.

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