The US Congress is being urged to create a legal framework for cryptocurrencies

In the USA there is a group lobbying for the interests of blockchain. It is supported by companies such as Goldman Sachs, Circle, etc. They called on Congress to create laws to regulate cryptocurrencies. CoinTelegraph writes about this.

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Today, the Chamber of Digital Commerce sent a call to Congress and the Senate for the priority adoption of a national approach to the regulation of digital assets.

They also decided to ask for the organization of a separate Commission on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. In their opinion, this will help to develop a national strategic approach to them.

At the same time, they sharply warned that inaction would allow "hostile countries" to continue their activities in the cryptosphere. In their opinion, this threatens the leadership of the United States and the superiority of the dollar.

As an example, they cited China, which is developing an international service network based on the BSN blockchain. Also, the representative of the chamber will recall that there are already countries that refuse the US dollar.

In addition, BRICS digital coins, innovations of the Russian Federation and Iran with regard to the digital currency backed by gold were mentioned.

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