Binance Australia partner hinted at an increase in fraud, after debanking the exchange

Cuscal, which is engaged in adjusting the Australian dollar for the exchange, refused to specify the reasons for the lack of support for Binance Australia.

Details about what is happening

The Cuscal organization acts as a third-party payment provider for the local Binance, hinted at fraud. In its context, accounts, identification data and cryptocurrencies were mentioned. This answer was given to the question about disabling the Binance exchange.

The payment provider did not name the platform itself or similar platforms. At the same time, making a statement to CoinTelegraph, he refused to explain why he stopped supporting the local branch of the Binance crypto exchange.

A representative of the organization said that it focuses more on supporting the industry in protecting citizens from financial crimes and fraud.

At the same time, the company added that the removal of customers or their users / sellers will continue if they do not meet the requirements of registration and other rules. They refused to talk about Binance Australia itself, citing the lack of comments at the moment.

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