Tornado Cash Attack and its results

The other day, the control over the management of the Tornadon Cash protocol was attacked. As a result, the hacker was able to get more than a majority of votes (1.2 million). He was also able to steal 483 thousand coins.

More about what happened

About 379 thousand of the stolen coins, the attacker sold for 375 ETH. The amount was about 680 thousand dollars. As a result of the incident, Binance suspended trading with the coin.

It seemed that the situation was hopeless, and the value of the coin was rapidly falling to its minimum. However, the hacker contacted the developers and gave them a solution.

He suggested actions that might be able to undo the original exploit. A member of the crypto community published that the hacker offered to restore the state of management in the form of a hint.

However, the participants of the crypto community are very afraid, not believing in the noble intentions of the hacker. Some think that as a result of this, he will manipulate the value of the TORN token.

The attack was carried out on May 20. Then the hacker was able to manage the project. To do this, he created a proposal to grant him exclusive control, after which he himself voted for him. As a result, he could take out all the blocked votes and coins. However, I limited myself to 10 thousand votes in the form of TORN.

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