NMF (Nelson Mandela Foundation) from South Africa will use NFT for charity

The Nelson Mandela Foundation (MNF) has announced that it will begin using non-interchangeable NFT tokens to raise funds for charity. The Nelson Mandela Foundation is a charitable foundation that gathers its supporters around the world.

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The fund plans to sell 1,918 coins at a cost of $1,000 for each digital token. Trading takes place in cooperation with the company Glorious Digital.

The fund's message noted that the purchase of the token will give a unique membership that allows you to become a partner of the Nelson Mandela Foundation. At the same time, it is said that with the help of the NFT, they are going to unite their supporters to protect the population of Mandela.

The Foundation decided to release 1918 "founding members". Representatives of the organization believe that this is a unique commemorative initiative dedicated to Nelson Mandela 10 years after his death.

This membership involves obtaining a digital image of Mandela, which is created using. 4 photos. They were made by Andrew Zuckerman in 2007. In the image, Mandela is represented in 27 shades, each of which symbolizes a year spent in prison. He was imprisoned for his struggle against apartheid.

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