MetaMask does not use any direct fees from customers

Recently, there was a rumor that MetaMask charges fees for conducting cryptocurrency transactions from users. However, today ConsenSys has refuted them.

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MetaMask is a popular cryptocurrency wallet based on the Ethereum blockchain. ConsenSys is a team of backend engineers who created a crypto wallet. It was created in 2016.

Recently, there have been many rumors that the company collects various fees for conducting cryptocurrency transactions. However, the development team refuted them, pointing out that they make web 3.0 as simple and accessible as possible. At the same time, they note that their products are subject to sales tax.

After that, the company also explained that they earn money by providing paid services, both one-time and subscription-based.

For example, Infura has a subscription of credit card developers. They include sales tax. This section refers to "fees and payments" and applies exclusively to paid services provided by the team.

Recall that last year, the company updated its privacy policy. After that, there was a lot of criticism against the team, as users felt that it used user data as a way to get another revenue section. However, the team reported a partial cancellation of their decisions.

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