Dubai Creates the World's First Bitcoin Tower

Dubai tends to expand its borders and develop unique projects. This time, the government decided to unite the digital and physical world by building a bitcoin tower.

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The Bitcoin tower is a 40-storey skyscraper. It was developed by the Italian entrepreneur Salvatore Lagiero. Support was provided by Metaverse Investments LLC. The purpose of the creation was to combine digital and physical real estate in the very center of the city.

It combines traditional hospitality and the Bitcoin Tower cryptocurrency. The bottom line is that you can get a reward in the form of NFT tokens. These will be exclusive coins confirming authenticity and ownership, giving the owner exclusive privileges. As a result, the rent becomes not just a payment, but also an investment with an annual interest income.

The building uses unique artificial intelligence technologies in combination with blockchain. It also provides zero carbon dioxide consumption.

The Bitcoin tower is becoming a symbol of progress against the background of the rest of the world's struggle with digital assets. According to Legiero, this is the starting point for those who would prefer to take part in the revolution.

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