Liquid staking is launched on Zilliqa

The other day, the project team made an announcement on their Twitter account, indicating that liquid bets will soon become available in the project's blockchain.

Learn more about the launch

Avely was engaged in the launch of liquid staking. It makes it possible to place ZIL tokens through the platform. For this, a reward will be accrued for staking directly to the SSN from its own crypto wallet.

The team noted that Avely's liquid staking provides significant flexibility. Participants receive stZIL tokens.

Zilliqa is one of the first block chains in the world that is built on a segmented architecture. At the same time, it uses smart contracts that are written in the unique Scilla programming language. The token is trading just over $0.023. The increase in the value of the coin was 2% per day.

Note that more and more projects are using staking to attract users to their cryptocurrency network. It involves freezing a certain number of coins for a period set by the network. Upon its expiration, additional tokens will be credited as a reward.

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