FTX 2.0 be?

Last month, we wrote that the lawyers of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange in court reported on the development of a project to return the site to work. The plan is going to be submitted to the court in June. However, court documents already confirm the return of FTX.

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Recall that FTX declared bankruptcy last fall. Not so long ago it became known that the exchange is thinking of returning to its work.

However, following court documents, plans to revive the site may not come true. This is due to the fact that CEO John Ray III is developing a reboot plan.

CoinTelegraph has considered a new lawsuit. It is dated May 22. It indicates that the exchange team has provided a compensation report. It also provides data on the work done with regard to the bankruptcy of the site according to Chapter 11.

The report describes a number of actions that have been taken for bankruptcy. However, users were more interested in the information about the mention of the FTX exchange reboot.

For the first time, the reboot of the cryptocurrency exchange was reported in January of this year. Then there was a message about the discovery of $5.5 billion. in the form of liquid assets. At the same time, the development of a revival plan began together with creditors. At the same time, in April it became known about the recovery of $ 7.3 billion. they are going to be used to restart the exchange by the second quarter of next year.

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