Manta Network Launches Identity Verification Token

It is almost impossible to confirm the identity in the blockchain network now. In most cases, crypto networks are made completely anonymous. However, there are projects that, on the contrary, try to make the process of using cryptocurrencies as convenient and public as possible. For this purpose, identity verification tokens were developed by the Manta Network project.

Manta Network — Polkadot blockchain

Manta Network is a project that operates on the basis of a decentralized Polkadot network. When the development took place, the developers focused on the confidentiality and anonymity of the project. At the same time, it is important for them to ensure high scalability and convenient operation.

The platform supports the decentralization of the network. Also, the development team constantly explores trends and needs in the crypto community, after which it uses them in its project, thereby developing it.

Identity Verification Token from Manta Network

The project decided to merge with Linea. Thanks to this, the first-level blockchain was able to integrate a solution that allows scaling the network through aggregation. This makes it possible to provide Souldbound coins to users working on the zero-disclosure mechanism of zkSBT.

The development team focuses on the fact that they are trying to solve the verification problem, which at the moment has a limitation in the form of certain actions on the network. At the same time, there is no data transfer to applications.

Thanks to the token, users will not have to undergo verification. It is enough to confirm the identity using the developed Manta token.

For the first time, one of the founders of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, spoke about these tokens. The concept is developed on the basis of non-interchangeable NFT tokens. However, it will be impossible to sell them as ordinary coins. Such tokens are directly linked to the identity of either a person or an object.

The issue of new tokens is carried out using the NFT Private Offers (NPO) platform. These tokens allow a decentralized method of verifying a real identity. At the same time, it does not require trust and is completely confidential. The risk of damage or leakage of personal information about users' activities to the network is also excluded.

According to the developers, these tokens use zkPioneer technology, which was created by Linea. The development of Manta Proof Key is also involved. Thanks to this combination, any Web 2.0 or Web 3.0 application can verify user data without using a wallet connection.

At the same time, the team notes that, in their opinion, the mobile application has more active users. However, they also have the worst experience with cryptography. Therefore, the team is actively developing ScialFi and GameFi projects.

Some more interesting works from Manta Network

The project develops various solutions that will be useful to users. Eg:

·     MantaPay. This is a cross-platform technology for performing operations. You can "pack" popular digital assets such as Bitcoin into an internal private coin and send them to another participant in the system. It is also possible to convert popular cryptocurrencies into the main asset.

·     MantaSwap. It is a decentralized crypto exchange. At the same time, the trade is carried out directly, without any intermediaries.

Substrate is used to ensure compatibility of crypto projects. The platform tries to popularize decentralized finance by creating and developing solutions for businesses and individuals.

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