China launches state-owned platform to develop metaverse

In the Chinese city of Nanki, a platform with unique technologies and a blockchain was launched. The purpose of creation was the development of metaverses.

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The launch was handled by a local university. The initiative to create such a platform was supported by all organizations and companies that have linked their activities with blockchain technologies in China.

The project aims to bring together the milestones of the founding members to explore the possibilities of the digital world.

The city is one of the leaders in China, which is developing a national metaverse. It should be noted that a strategy for the further development of the virtual area has already been published. It was developed by the municipal government.

According to this strategy, it is planned to make a profit of about 135 billion by 2025. yuan. Former Deputy Industry Minister Wu Jung-jie noted that it is important to expand the metaverse in different directions. This applies to areas such as medicine with healthcare, education with entertainment and trade. In addition, he stressed that it is necessary to create certain rules for this area.

Note that China is tough on cryptocurrencies and non-interchangeable tokens. However, they recognize the possibilities of Web 3.0 technology as a catalyst for the national virtual economy

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