Dispersion Capital Launches Web 3.0 Venture Fund

The company announced that it is launching a venture fund, the amount of which will be $ 40 million. At the same time, it is planned to invest in the development of Web 3.0 infrastructure.

Details about this

The future fund will give preference to startups that are just beginning to develop. At the same time, their activities should be accompanied by developments in the multi-blockchain, cross-platform or multi-currency area.

The Fund has already invested in 20 different projects. At the same time, an additional infusion of funds is planned. The fund was supported by companies such as Ripple, Forte and others.

The organization stated that they want to bring Web 3.0 to the same indicators as cloud computing.

It should be noted that according to the data of the first quarter of this year, venture investments amounted to about $ 2.6 billion. At the same time, about 353 rounds of investment were conducted. This is the minimum value since 2020.

Earlier, Robert Le, who is an analyst at the company, named the reasons why the volume of investments fell significantly. Among them, he noted the increase in interest rates and the bankruptcy of the SVB bank, which was the mainstay for such companies. At the same time, the specialist said that the worst period of the "financial drought" is coming to an end.

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