BitDAO migrated to the Mantle platform

BitDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization. She announced that she had finished transferring her forum to the Mantle site, as the merger was taking place. This was announced by the project team on their Twitter account.

More details

Integration with the L2 network project under the Mantle brand. It began to be carried out after the process was approved by the community as part of the BIP-21 modification.

Mantle received processes on DeFi management and budget of the organization. The amount will be about $ 300 million in stable coins of USDC and USDT. Additionally, she will receive about 270 thousand ETH, the price of which in total is more than 485 thousand dollars.

At the same time, the idea of "one brand, one token" is being implemented, they will create a common MNT asset. When the forum is moved, users will be able to continue their discussions. Access to the accounts will be granted.

Materials that do not belong to the association were archived, but left for reading. You can also edit them, publish notifications to redirect them to a new platform.

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