Luban hard fork Date Named

The BNB Chain team made a statement that the hard fork will be activated on block No. 29020050. This will happen around June 12.

More about this

The update will include several proposals for upgrading the operation of the crypto network: BEP 126, 174 and 221. In the first case, this will allow you to start running FastFinality. He will proofread the completion of the block.

It is expected that this will speed up the last validation of the operation at a speed of up to 7 seconds. Thanks to this, the interaction between the participants and the crypto network will be improved. It will also improve security, as the risk of malicious reorganization will be reduced.

BEP-174 will implement repeater control technology. Due to this, cryptocurrencies will be transferred between different blockchains. This will improve the security level of the crosschain bridge.

The latter solution will simplify the confirmation of crypto blocks for CometBFT. It is necessary to ensure secure replication of decentralized applications.

Recall that the last hard fork took place in April of this year. Also, the volume of transactions per day was able to reach a maximum over the past year in the crypto network.

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