Binance decided to suspend deposits of 10 coins due to the difficulties encountered by Multichain

The Binance crypto exchange has decided to temporarily suspend the replenishment of deposits in 10 different coins. Among them are POLS, ALPACA, DEXE, etc. This happened as a result of problems in the crosschain Multichain protocol.

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They decided to block the coins that were issued in Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche and Phantom. At the same time, deposits of these coins, but in other blockchains, remain open.

The platform stated that they will soon be able to clarify the situation with the Multichain team. The problem appeared on May 231. At that time, the project participants began to file complaints that the operations were stuck and were not going through. According to the developers, the problem arose due to technical work that was carried out with the nodes of the crypto network routers.

Later, the team announced that it would pay compensation to users who suffered as a result of this. At the same time, they also note that most of the routers remain in working condition. Only some part is unavailable and it is not known when it will work.

As a result, the MULTI system token has fallen in price by almost 30%. Most of the major investors decided to sell their tokens. For example, one participant brought to Gate.io about 494 thousand coins, which amounted to about $ 2.7 million.

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