New Affiliate Program on Binance Crypto Gaming

The other day, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange announced its new affiliate program. It is distributed for game developers. In the article we will tell you in detail about the new product.

Binance affiliate program as a way to create an interesting game

One of the most popular applications on smartphones has become games where you can actually get rewards. Users actively download and play such games. However, it is not necessary to use fiat for them. The Binance team decided to open a new opportunity for both game developers and ordinary players by launching its affiliate program with cryptocurrencies.

The purpose of the creation was to support the exchange's partners from among the developers. The program is called Crypto Gaming. With its help, developers can reward players with special gift cards from the exchange where the cryptocurrency is located.

More about the Crypto Gaming Affiliate Program

To increase user engagement and improve monetization, you can use the affiliate program. The cryptocurrency exchange offers to cooperate on a marketing program. It will make the game more recognizable, which will attract even more users. The program has many advantages.

A huge selection of cryptocurrencies

Developers will be able to use a variety of cryptocurrencies in the reward. This will make the game more interesting. Players will be able to receive more rewards. The exchange offers a choice of over 320 cryptocurrencies.

You won't have to pay

Due to the fact that Binance gift cards are an off-chain solution, transactions will be free for both players and developers. Thus, users will be able to receive remuneration in full.

A wide range of limits for operations

Thanks to gift cards, it is possible to carry out operations that cost less than 1 cent. At the same time, no restrictions are inserted. The participants of the program determine them themselves by setting the amount of rewards.

High reputation

Crypto exchange Binance is a widely known company all over the world. The platform is used by over 180 citizens of over 180 countries of the world. Thanks to this, developers will be able to improve the brand's reputation, as they will be associated with Binance.

Simple and clear

The cryptocurrency exchange has created cards that can easily transfer rewards into both digital and real assets. To receive them, it is enough to have an account on the exchange or an onechain wallet. This is very convenient for users who have never used cryptocurrencies before. To withdraw funds, it is enough to register on the exchange.

Who can connect to the new Binance affiliate program?

This program becomes available to everyone who is engaged in creating or running games. Among them, the exchange distinguishes three categories of partners.

Monetization from advertising

This category includes games that are supported by advertising revenue. Here you can create a reward with cryptocurrency instead of providing regular users.

Thanks to this approach, users can be made more involved and loyal. This way you will also increase the profit from advertising.

A game with a fiat reward

Here you can simply expand the list of bonuses, partially replacing fiat with cryptocurrencies. Thanks to this, it will be possible to attract a potential audience that actively uses digital assets.

Games with cryptocurrencies

With gift cards, you can expand their list. Players will be able to convert rewards into other cryptocurrencies. It will also improve the brand's reputation.

An additional way to use gift cards

Binance allows partners to use these gift cards not only for rewards in games, but also in other areas. For example, the exchange has partners who have used them as one of the payment methods in loyalty programs.

Thanks to this, users are more interested in the brand. The latter thus expands the user base by connecting crypto enthusiasts. This creates a good atmosphere within the organization.

How to become a Binance Partner

To enter into a partnership, you need to write to an email [email protected] . Employees of the crypto exchange will provide all the necessary data, including the method of connecting cards through a special API.

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