Gemini in Ireland opens its second headquarters

Gemini cryptocurrency exchange has decided to go beyond the borders of the United States, expanding its geography. Therefore, they announced the opening of another headquarters in the capital of Ireland. The exchange was able to obtain registration with the central bank.

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The founders of the platform held a meeting with the Prime Minister. On it, they reported that the choice of jurisdiction was based on a reliable regulatory system. Also, the reason was a good personnel reserve and an established technological society.

At the same time, the company's representatives also noted that they considered the European Union as a potentially possible entry point. However, it was most convenient with Ireland and its regulators. Therefore, it is obvious that they chose her.

The company decided to expand due to significant pressure from US regulators, which is only increasing. Last summer, the company received a lawsuit from the Commission on Futures Trading. The platform was accused of cheating on futures contracts for the first cryptocurrency — bitcoin.

At the beginning of this year, the SEC has already filed its charges for the fact that the exchange sells unregistered securities.

It should be noted that earlier representatives of the company stated that they plan to open their office in India, as they want to expand in the Asia-Pacific region.

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