Former Coinone Specialist confessed to Bribery

The ex-specialist of the Coinone crypto exchange, which operates in South Korea, admitted that he received bribes. This information was published by Yonap, referring to lawyers.

More details about the case

The case file stated that in 2020, Hwang Mo paid about $ 1.5 million to a former employee of the exchange for placing certain cryptocurrencies on the site. Last month, other employees of the crypto exchange were detained for the same actions.

Furiever Coin was used among the tokens. It was sold only on the South Korean crypto exchange. Law enforcement officers linked this coin with the murder of a citizen in the capital of the country. According to their data, the crime was probably committed as a result of unsuccessful investments.

In addition to the accused himself, his accomplice additionally admitted guilt. In the case, he appears as "Mr. Ko". Their lawyer noted that, in principle, they admit guilt. However, they do not have the opportunity to study all the evidence, they cannot make a final decision.

The next trial will be in mid-June. It should be noted that at the end of winter this year, the owner of Bithumb, Kang Jung Hyun, was arrested in the country. He is suspected of spending and manipulating the stock price in some companies.

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