Bulls, bears, hamsters, whales and other fauna of the crypto market

Historically, animal names have taken a special place of honor in cryptocurrency slang. The fauna of the crypto industry is rich, diverse and, most importantly, quite accurately characterizes those market participants for whom it is used. Make sure of this by reading our "animal" cryptographic dictionary.

1. Bulls and bears. Perhaps the most famous crypto-currencies and irreconcilable rivals at any auction. Bulls represent buyers, bears represent sellers. Hence the names of trends: with a bearish trend, the market falls, with a bullish one, it grows. But the question may arise - why bulls and bears, and not, say, lions and elephants? This also has its own logic. Bulls push the obstacle with their horns from the bottom up - that is, they literally throw up the price. And the bears beat the paw from top to bottom - that is, they drive the price into the ground.

2. Whales. These are large market participants who are characterized by the presence of huge capitals and can move the price in the direction they need, literally pushing through the mass of their assets to all other smaller traders and investors.

3. Hamsters. Usually these are either those who perceive the market as a casino, or just inexperienced players who are just starting their way, therefore, due to ignorance and lack of training, psychological and trading manipulations are very often conducted. These are the very people who can buy an asset at the very top of the market after seeing an impressive green candle, or actively sell it at the very bottom, believing in an endless price drop. It is hamsters who often believe rumors, act on the prompts of "analysts" and make spontaneous chaotic decisions. Of course, being a hamster is bad. But the good news is that absolutely all crypto traders and investors go through this stage.

The main thing is not to get stuck in this state for a long time and constantly improve your trading, since there are plenty of such opportunities now. And in particular, a lot of them are assembled on the GRIN4 platform.

Pigs and sheeps. Far from the most famous residents of the crypto market, but without them our review will be incomplete.

Pigs are excessively greedy, greedy players, for whom the concept of strategy and money management is unfamiliar. They want to get everything at once, so they often open excessively large positions, do not observe any risks, and of course, at the first price movement against them, they "fall under the knife" - that is, they lose all their money or the bulk of it. This is treated only by working with psychology and realizing that crypto trading is not an all-or-nothing gambling game, but a full-fledged job that requires strategy and endurance.

Well, sheep. These are driven timid players who obediently follow others, as it seems to them more successful or reputable market participants. They do not know how to make independent decisions, which is why they often get into a mess. The advice here is still the same - take responsibility for yourself and take trading on the market seriously.

So, we have met all the representatives of the crypto market. Perhaps soon their ranks will be replenished by someone else, but in the meantime, we wish you to be a brave bull or a confident bear, depending on the market situation. And maybe become a whale, who knows.


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