The crypto address has been storing 8 thousand ETH for 8 years, but now it has moved them

About eight years ago, 8 thousand Ethereum coins were purchased at an unknown address. The purchase amount is about $ 15 million at the current exchange rate. The movement of these coins was noticed the other day.

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In the on-chain data, the user performed a test operation with 1 coin. After that, he carried out the transaction with all the remaining tokens. The cryptocurrency was sent to a crypto wallet with a limited history of operations.

When the coins were bought, the value of the ETH token was about $0.31. Then the total purchase amount was only 2.5 thousand dollars.

Note that a couple of days ago, 207 coins were sent to the same address, with a total value of about 395 thousand dollars. These tokens have also been inactive since 2017.

Interesting. According to the data, Ethereum's stock balances have fallen to lows since 2016. The share of coins from the total offer on DEX is less than 15%. This data was provided by the analytical company Glassnode. For comparison, in 2021, when there was a bull market, the total share of the coin exceeded 25%.

Such downward trends began to appear due to staking. After the activation of Shapella, about 3 million ETH was sent to it.

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