Tornado Cash has returned the ability to manage the project

The owners of the digital asset management THORN were able to restore control of the Tornado Cache blockchain after the proposal made by the attacker was implemented. The decision was supported by about 517 thousand coins. No one opposed him.

More about this

Last week, a hacker gained control of the control algorithm of a cryptocurrency mixer. The hacker was able to integrate a harmful offer. The bottom line is that there was no option in his code to access the EmergencyStop function, which allows updating the logic after approval. Due to this, the hacker was able to get more than 1.2 million coins.

The hacker was also able to revoke the blocked tokens, transfer assets to a smart contract responsible for management. He also had the opportunity to stop the router.

However, despite gaining full control over the system, the hacker did not use these features. It did not affect the operation of the mixer in any way.

Analysts have determined that the attacker was able to withdraw about 483 thousand coins from the vault. Most of this volume was sold — almost 380 thousand coins. They sold for 375 ETH. This amounted to about $0.68 million. The average value of the coin was $1.8.

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