Bitcoin Rally is expected next year

Arthur Hayes used to head the BitMEX SEO position. The other day he hosted the podcast What Bitcoin Did. In it, he indicated that bitcoin should not expect a historical maximum this year. However, there is a chance in 2024.

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The expert does not think that this year bitcoin will be able to rise to 70 thousand dollars. However, in 2024 this barrier will be crossed. After that, the participants of the crypto network will be able to see the exploded top followed by Armageddon.

The specialist stressed that under the latter he sees social changes, for example, a large-scale war. He explains this by saying that now the population is dissatisfied with what is happening. Monetary policy is also a problem.

Arthur notes that now there is a powder keg, which has a huge amount of money, but there is no trust among the population. At the same time, the latter are trying to earn a living.

He also drew attention to the halving that will occur in the bitcoin blockchain next year. This will give a new impetus to the future rally.

Recall that at the end of last year, the expert noted that bitcoin reached the minimum of the current cycle. He justified this by saying that irresponsible organizations had sold off all the coins and they had nothing left.

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