Hong Kong Police launches its metaverse

CSTCB has decided to launch its metaverse called CyberDefender. It is aimed at informing the public about the unique opportunities and risks in Web 3.0.

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The structure of the CSTCB is the Bureau of Cyber Security and Technological Crimes. She works in Hong Kong. The agency launched its own metaverse and was even able to hold an online conference. Within its framework, listeners were introduced to the digital worlds. About 120 users joined the event.

Ip Cheuk-yu, who is the chief inspector, drew attention to the fact that standard variants of fraud are often found in metaverses. It can be account hacking, harassment, theft of personal data, etc.

Due to decentralization and the use of cryptocurrencies, cyber criminals also see smartphones, PCs and user wallets as their target. In addition, they are aimed at smart contracts.

As part of the event, many famous personalities were invited as speakers. So, the president of the local esports association, Eric Jung, spoke here. Also among the speakers was Hong Kong chairman of the association of media designers Asuka Yeung. They touched upon the topics of entrepreneurship and careers in the metaverse.

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