Cryptocurrency slang - we study the most unusual concepts

More recently, we have opened the veil of cryptocurrency slang by getting acquainted with its "animal" representatives. However, the intersectional speech of crypto traders is much richer and more diverse, and today we will continue to study its interesting and non-standard concepts.

So, we are replenishing our cryptographic dictionary.

- The native - from English to the Moon, that is, to the moon. As it is easy to guess, we are talking about the growth of the cryptocurrency rate, usually significant and sharp. From here also went the verb natives, that is, to shoot, to grow rapidly.

- The opposite of the previous concept, the collapse of the price to the very bottom, that is, to the lowest possible level.

- A tap, a tap or a valve - here we mean sites where you can earn cryptocurrency by performing various tasks. That is, literally open a virtual faucet from which coins will pour.

- Snot is rather unpleasant, but very figurative. Traders call a snot a long red candle, that is, a sharp drop in the exchange rate. The snot hung - the price collapsed with lightning speed and significantly.

- Dad or grandfather is of course bitcoin, the progenitor of all cryptocurrencies.

- To shave or cut (usually those hamsters) - to earn from the mistakes of inexperienced market participants.

- Dancing in sync is a situation when the rates of two different coins fluctuate like each other.

- Cobra throw - a sharp short-term price change.

- Vangovat is the same as "guessing on coffee grounds", that is, making random predictions that are not confirmed by analysis and real facts.

- Bucket - pending purchase order. It is assumed that when the exchange rate drops, as much as is needed to open an order will be poured into the bucket, after which the price will go up again. Therefore, to substitute a bucket is to place a pending order.

- Rect - a stalemate of losing money due to a catastrophically unprofitable deal.

- Comsa is an exchange commission, which traders are usually very sorry to part with.

So, now you have refreshed your knowledge of cryptocurrency slang or replenished your vocabulary. And finally, we wish you to make X's more often (that is, multiply the deposit). And GRIN4 will provide you with all the necessary tools for this.

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