The bill on mining in Russia decided to postpone

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The bill on mining in Russia decided to postpone

During the blockchain conference, it was announced that the State Duma Committee on Financial Markets is considering a bill on mining. An experimental legal regime and taxation are also currently under development. This was reported by the chairman of the committee.

According to the statement of the chairman of the financial market Committee of the State Duma, Anatoly Aksakov, some bills on mining and payment of taxes in the field of cryptocurrencies have decided to postpone. This was explained by the fact that a bill on responsibility for the illegal use of cryptocurrencies is currently being developed.

According to him, as soon as they agree on administrative and criminal liability for the illegal use of cryptocurrencies, they will immediately begin to consider other bills in this industry. Recall that we are talking about the regulation of cryptocurrency mining, the creation of an experimental legal regime and the payment of taxes.

While the bills are in development, experts have already calculated how many Russians were able to mine cryptocurrencies over the past year. The figures were also called at the current blockchain conference. According to Skolkovo Fintech specialists, the profit of miners ranged from 50 to 60 billion rubles.

The expert also noted that the Russian Federation ranks second in the production of cryptocurrencies. Miners were able to use about a gigawatt of electricity over the past year. The expert also noted that the significant productivity of miners may be associated with the illegal use of electricity in Russia.

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