In Russia, they want to give permission to settle with foreign counterparties in digital coins

Initiative after initiative…

Dmitry Marinichev proposed to resolve settlements with foreign counterparties in digital currency as quickly as possible. The specialist holds the position of public Ombudsman.

Marinichev made a statement that it was time to advocate for the fastest possible development of a regulatory framework for international payments. At the same time, he suggests making settlements with foreign counterparties in digital assets.

This proposal is formulated in a special report called "Key business problems in the context of sanctions and structural transformation in 2023". This work was included in the annual report of Boris Titov, which was to be presented to the President of Russia.

This document formulates an initiative to create a separate bill, within which it will be possible to use cryptocurrencies during settlements with suppliers or consumers who are registered outside the territory of the Russian Federation. Additionally, such a permit is planned to be extended to individuals who have lost the status of a tax resident.

However, these are not the only initiatives. They also want to establish the status of cryptocurrency transactions under the regulatory framework of currency control. At the same time, it will be necessary to take into account that cryptocurrencies are digital financial assets.

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