The EU began to hunt for blockchain specialists

The Hunt for Cryptospecialists

Financial organizations in Europe that are engaged in servicing cryptocurrency companies have begun to hunt for blockchain specialists. This was written by Bloomberg.

European financial companies are not just looking for blockchain specialists. They need employees who are professionals in the field of compliance with rules and regulations. The reason for such a sudden hunt was the fall of American banks.

Large European companies want to make their compliance teams stronger. They need confidence that the new clientele will not engage in money laundering and will fully comply with the requirements of the regulator. In some cases, some companies have even decided to raise the salaries of specialists so that they pay attention to the vacancy.

For example, BCB, located in London, reported that since the beginning of the year, the number of requests from potential customers has increased by 2 times. Therefore, it is planned to increase the team to check them over the next six months.

According to experts in London, a specialist will be able to receive from 55 to 75 thousand pounds a year. For senior positions, the salary will be about 200 thousand pounds per year.

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