The Ministry of Finance protests that people keep money in cryptocurrency

The Ministry of Finance's Attitude to Cryptocurrencies

The Ministry of Finance made a statement where it said that it does not recommend using cryptocurrencies as a tool to preserve its financial assets

Ivan Chebeskov, Director of the Financial Policy Department of the Ministry of Finance, said that cryptocurrencies can become a good alternative to the usual storage options. He stated this at a conference dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. "Finance of the Future", which is conducted by Sberbank.

The specialist also highlighted that the department does not consider it positive if people keep their funds in cryptocurrencies. He explained this by saying that they are a highly risky tool. Along with this, he also noted that stable coins, the so-called stablecoins, in the form of a savings tool also does not bring profit. 

The expert also noted that if you use the digital financial assets tool, which is regulated by the Ministry of Finance, it will be a great alternative. However, he stressed that not everyone can use this tool. It is not necessary to force citizens to invest in cryptocurrencies. Especially if people have an average income and savings.

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