Bitcoin with a 20% discount%

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The Australian branch of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange sells bitcoin at a discount. However, it only applies to the local currency.

It became known that the citizens of Australia were able to buy Bitcoin cryptocurrency at a significant discount. It was provided by the Australian division of the largest crypto exchange Binance. So the cost of the first cryptocurrency turned out to be 20% less than on other sites. This situation was noticed by Reuters.

Experts noticed that bitcoin cost about 34 thousand local dollars on the site. This amounts to about 23 thousand US dollars. At the same time, on the BTC Markets crypto exchange (also Australia), the cost of bitcoin reached 43 thousand Australian dollars. At the same time, on Bitstamp, its price reached 27.7 thousand US dollars.

The exchange reported that banking services regarding the replenishment of fiat accounts by the payment processor of the crypto exchange have recently stopped. As a result, users decided to withdraw their funds in advance, as they do not want to wait for the closure of the site. The representative noted that due to the reduction in the liquidity of pairs with the local currency, pricing was affected.

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