Bitcoin has reached 70 thousand dollars.

Details about the Bitcoin Jump

Yesterday, Richard Hart made a statement that Bitcoin was able to reach a new historically maximum price. This happened on the PulseChain cryptocurrency exchange. The value of the cryptocurrency was able to jump from 27 to 70 thousand dollars. literally in 20 minutes.

The cost of the first cryptocurrency was able to reach about 70 thousand dollars. It took only 20 minutes for the coin to rise. However, such a leap proved to be short-lived. Literally 10 minutes later, the price has already returned to its original figures.

Specialists conducted an analysis. In the course of it, they were able to find out that the low liquidity of the wBTC coin, which is tied to bitcoin at a price to connect with Ethereum, could be the reason for this jump to sky-high prices.

Experts note that this situation is extremely important. After all, the trading volume reached almost $ 20 million over the past day. This data was provided by the dexscanner platform. It publishes up-to-date data on liquidity and trading volumes on decentralized exchanges.

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