Bitcoin serial numbers have crossed the threshold of 10 million entries in the crypto network

The founder of Bitcoin Ordinals decided to leave his post

Recently, Casey Rodarmor decided to resign, leaving the post of caretaker. Now it has become known that Bitcoin Ordinals has exceeded 10 million records. Over the entire period of existence, over 25 thousand coins have been created based on the bitcoin blockchain. This was the reason for the growth of BRC-20 tokens/

Casey Rodarmor posted this information on his Twitter account a few days ago. He also cited the reason in the form of the inability to focus on the project at the proper level. Now this position is occupied by the coder Raphjaph. At the same time, he works under the pseudonym Rodarmor.

Casey tweeted that he could not pay the necessary amount of attention to the project. Therefore, he is happy to announce that @raphjaph has agreed to take his position. At the same time, the specialist noted that he is a poor student, and therefore he will work on the project at the expense of donations.

Recall that the Ordinals protocol was launched in January of this year. The project has become very popular due to the possibility of creating new assets based on the Bitcoin blockchain. According to BRC-20.io in the first week of the project, several hundred coins were launched. At the time of publication, the figure is over 25 thousand tokens.

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