Tether achieves sustainable mining in Uruguay

Tether is going to mine Bictoin

Tether has announced that it wants to start investing resources in energy production in Uruguay. He is also going to provide steady Bitcoin mining there. The company's press release states that it is at the licensing stage.

Due to the fact that Tether constantly conducts various developments, the company can now distribute its attention not only to finance and communications, but also to the energy sector.

Representatives of the company made a strong statement that they want to achieve leadership in the global technology industry. Therefore, it will begin to promote, first of all, energy innovations for the development of cryptocurrencies.

Tether also announced that it is going to invest in renewable energy sources. This will create a stable Bitcoin mining. Thanks to this, the most stable and secure money network in the world will be maintained.

Today the company is engaged in the expansion of the team. She is looking for professionals with significant experience in the energy sphere. The company wants to harmoniously combine the energy and cryptocurrency industries.

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